Felix Stratos Mission: Boring as F*ck

Red Bull Stratos #LiveJump mission to the Edge of Space ended successfully. Felix Baumgartner leaped from 37 kilometers, broke a couple of world records, and parachuted into landing. Streaming the event to record 8+ million devices, YouTube went down for a moment, and Twitter remains forever ridden with comments like these:

What a bunch of retards.

A hero, really?! Just why exactly? For failing a suicide attempt? Or for promoting and being paid by a company that sells poison for doing something he enjoys doing professionally anyway? Truth is, #Felix is an ordinary adrenaline junkie (addict), and there is absolutely nothing heroic, less even courageous about this stunt. It's been done 50 years ago; it was a walk in the park today.

And let me tell you about how incredible, amazing, and intense the streaming of the event was. The leap itself occupied just some 6 minutes of the stream. First half of the 7-hour session looked exactly like this:

Some boring, still image of the launch site near Roswell.

The other half comprised of inside the capsule view, capsule rear view (i.e. the ground), Joe Kittinger farting, and a split-screen mix thereof. OMG FUN! Eight million tuned-in idiots.

The whole debacle, especially the people around the world singing epic praise, remind me of this recent demotivator.

An idiot daily risking his life versus a true hero of the masses.

It's actually sad how increasingly emotionally retarded society is.

I take only slight solace in knowing that I'm part of the minority who wished the organizers had filled Felix's backpack with parade confetti and had him drink a can of Red Bull instead.

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