On why having your OS 32-bit is better for desktop use

One should always care to install 32-bit OS only, unless the machine is intended for encoding/rendering work as part of a farm. Otherwise, you are just throwing half of your RAM out of the window.

Why is this so?

Assuming you are using a proper OS (a *nix like GNU/Linux) that doesn't artificially limit the amount of available system memory (Windows), you can let the OS use PAE, which is supported by all modern CPUs since at least Pentium II. That way you can have up to 64GB of RAM on any 32-bit system. Enough for today, tomorrow, and whole of next year.


Clubbing DJs, Do Lower Your Bass!

So I was in a club the other night, and I asked the technician about the equalizer on his sound board.
"These three knobs here. Low, mid, and high tones."
That's it? I would assume, a board with so many knobs, sliders and buttons surely has a prominent 10-level equalizer.
"Why? There's no need. The music has already been remastered when recorded." The idea that he should tweak the sound further seemed preposterous to him, and my question echoed dumb and amateur.

Let me tell you, guy, that the process of remastering includes "equalization" of frequency levels only for the benefit of perceived improved sound, subject to the acoustic properties of the anticipated playback medium and environment.