Collage #1: Single victim, major loss

Google embraced openness long enough to build their platform's popularity. Now they are filling the moat and raising the draw bridge.

Hangouts is a crippled piece of GARBAGE! It's a major anti-feature which destroys the freedoms I used to have with Google products!!!

GTalk was my favorite IM. I had an XMPP bot working for me and my friends.
Is it safe to assume now that the nearly 10-year-old Google Talk client that has never been updated, but still works great, will soon quit working?
We struggle with people like Microsoft.
Instead, I'll probably just use Facebook, which has the same problem but at least didn't destroy functionality that existed previously.
Want me to use and recommend your services? Then make them better than what everyone else is already using. Federated chat was compelling because it promises a future of fewer chat apps and connections open.

So, I really hope this is just a bug!
Will IMAP be next on the chopping block?
Screw this.

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