Recipe: Vanilla / Chocolate / Fruit-Jello Pudding (4-in-1 combo)

So I was amazed to see today how easy it is to make a delicious homemade pudding from scratch (as to avoid pre-made mixture bags with shitloads of stabilizers, flavor-enhancers, and GMO starch), and how generally the procedure applies to just any type of pudding (vanilla, chocolate, coconut, peanutbutter, you name it!), including fruit jello, which you can make from your favourite kompot.

As they often say how computer algorithms are similar to culinary recipes, I decided to write this recipe in Pythonic dialect of English. You should have no trouble understanding it.


Parsing package dependencies

So I'm dealing with package dependencies such as Debian's, where , delimits AND dependencies (i.e. all of these) and | OR dependencies (i.e. any of these). I have some naive code that works, but inspired with wisdom from Norvig's CS212, I spark to refactoring it.