Recipe: Vanilla / Chocolate / Fruit-Jello Pudding (4-in-1 combo)

So I was amazed to see today how easy it is to make a delicious homemade pudding from scratch (as to avoid pre-made mixture bags with shitloads of stabilizers, flavor-enhancers, and GMO starch), and how generally the procedure applies to just any type of pudding (vanilla, chocolate, coconut, peanutbutter, you name it!), including fruit jello, which you can make from your favourite kompot.

As they often say how computer algorithms are similar to culinary recipes, I decided to write this recipe in Pythonic dialect of English. You should have no trouble understanding it.
from random import random  # random

def make_pudding(pudding_type='vanilla', K=1):
  """ Returns pudding of type `pudding_type` and in quantity `K`.
      pudding_type: str
        The type/flavor of your pudding. One of: 'vanilla', 
        'chocolate', 'fruit_jello'.
      K: float
        Quantity scalar coefficient.
  # Ingredients:
  eggs = egg(round(1 * K))
  sugar = sugar(spoonful(2 * K))
  flour = flour(spoonful(5 * K))
  liquid_type = kompot if pudding_type == 'fruit_jello' else milk
  liquid = liquid_type(liters(0.5 * K))
  if pudding_type == 'chocolate':
    chocolate = ground_chocolate(spoonful(5 * K))
  pieces_of_fruit = pieces_of_fruit(30 * K * (random() > 0.5))
  # Recipe:
  mix_1 = 0.1 * liquid + flour
  if pudding_type == 'chocolate':
    mix_1 += chocolate
  mix_2 = eggs + sugar

  mix = 0.9 * liquid + cinnamon() + salt() + vanilla_extract()
  mix += mix_1
  mix += mix_2
  mix += pieces_of_fruit

  pudding = mix
  return pudding
So you can read computer programs?

Usage is as easy as make_pudding('chocolate'), but the code is relatively new and untested. If you spot any bugs or have ideas for enhancements, please do report them.

You can't go wrong. Enjoy. ;-)

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